Port Forward, internal can't access other internal

  • Setup:
    Pfsense: LAN (
    Server 1: LAN ( Port 9091
    Server 2: LAN (

    I cannot get to on the second server. Both servers can ping each other. The port is open on Server 1.

    Also, port 9091 is coming up as closed. I can't access mydynamicdns.com:9091 either. This works now, internal is still down.

    Firewall rules:
    FromL WAN Proto: TCP Source Addr: * Source Ports: * Destination: WAN address Dest Ports: 9091 NAT IP: Nat Ports: 9091

    NAT pure mode is enabled.

  • Banned

    This does not go through the firewall at all… Start searching elsewhere.

  • Anyone? I would like to get this sorted out before tomorrow.

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