RRD traffic graph

  • Short story, RRD traffic stopped working and was not sure how to get it working again, so I rebooted and it worked.

    Long story:
    I was planning on setting up BandwidthD, installed it, but never got around to configuring it. My ISP had some maintenance at 2am, 100 packet loss for a minute, traffic graph stopped working after that point. I checked the system logs around that time, I saw BandwidthD exited with an error, so I started the BandwidthD service, graph started working again.

    I ignored the issue for a bit, assuming it has only happened once since I've used PFSense. Then it happened again today(week later). Again, BandwidthD errored out, but without something obvious like network down time. Since it was an optional package, I uninstalled it, but I couldn't figure out how to get the graph to start working again. I waited around 15 minutes, because sometimes it takes a bit to start drawing again. I gave up, rebooted, all seems well and no more BandwidthD.

    Question: In the future, what can I do to get RRD traffic to start working again that does not innovate rebooting?

    Thanks  :-)

  • You could try disabling and then re-enabling RRD backend graphing. Select 'Status/RRD Graphs' from the top menu. Select the 'Settings' tab then untick and re-tick the 'enables' option.

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