LCDproc HD44780 on /dev/lpt0

  • I wired up an LCD to my LPT port, used the same wiring as I used for my NAS4Free box and I'm having trouble getting the service to start. I have LCDproc set at /dev/lpt0 and I'm using the HD44780 driver and in the logs I see

    php: lcdproc: The chosen lcdproc driver is not a valid choice

    php: lcdproc: Stopping service: no com port selected

    I've hooked up a number of these before, what is it that I'm missing?



  • OK I got it working. My brain hurts.
    I searched and tried all kinds of crap and what I ended up doing was having to add the following to


    case "hd44780":
                  $config_text .= "[{$lcdproc_config['driver']}]\n";
                  $config_text .= "driverpath=/usr/local/lib/lcdproc/\n";
                  $config_text .= "Port=0x378\n";
                  $config_text .= "Device=/dev/lpt0\n";
                  $config_text .= "ConnectionType=winamp\n";
                  $config_text .= "Speed=0\n";
                  $config_text .= "Keypad=no\n";
                  $config_text .= "Backlight=no\n";
                  $config_text .= "OutputPort=no\n";
                  $config_text .= "Charmap=hd44780_default\n";
                  $config_text .= "DelayMult=3\n";
                  $config_text .= "DelayBus=true\n";
                  $config_text .= "Size={$lcdproc_config['size']}\n";

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