Uploads not working

  • Hi,

    I have a PfSense captive portal for vouchers on our BYOD network.  It is working well, and users can access the internet, etc.  Except nobody can upload files and when I'm connected to BYOD and try to do a speed check using the Speedtest.net app, download I get 75Mbps but upload is 0.00Mbps.  Something is blocking it but I can't see what, as I've tried setting firewall rules to allow everything, but made no difference.

    Our other SSID which doesn't go through the PfSense server is working fine so not a wireless issue, as both SSIDs are setup the same apart from BYOD pointing to the pfsense server as the gateway.

    I'm guessing there is a simple configuration error.



  • One thing I do with all firewall rules is switch on logging of all the rules, this way I can see what is being blocked and not.

    In Status: System logs: Settings tab, there is an option to show the firewall rule being applied, rather than just having ip addresses/ports with their corresponding block or allow status.

    This can be useful for finding out what rule is causing problems, but the default is not to show the rule descriptions.
    Filter descriptions Show the applied rule description below or in the firewall log rows.
    Displaying rule descriptions for all lines in the log might affect performance with large rule sets.

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