IPSec - Tunnel not being created

  • Like so many other, I am having issues with IPSec.

    I have a pfSense 2.2-RC - Zyxel IPSec tunnel which works fine.
    I have a pfSense 2.2-RC - pfSense 2.2-RC tunnel which does not work
    I have a pfSense 2.2-RC - pfSense 2.1 tunnel which does not work

    The two tunnels that don't work are not 'startable' from the 'Status: IPSec' page (diag_ipsec.php). The 'Connect' button seems to do nothing at all.

    The tunnels have no obvious mismatches, I have checked the settings there. The logs do not state any mismatches or similar

    Updated to the build from Januar 16th.

  • Without any log this is impossible to say anything apart saying configuration issues.

    I would advise you to upgrade to latest snapshot availble to have a proper software level and report any problem with all needed data.

  • The version from the 16th of January is the newest one available on the mirrors.

    I changed to aggressive mode, which allowed it to be started, but there is still no connection. There is also no SAD created for this one. See attached screenshot.
    This might be as simple as a GUI bug, but in my mind, when the tunnel is not created, it should be shown as up.

  • Banned

    We need logs. Not useless screenshots, totally censored in addition.

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