VIRTUAL IPS backup bug

  • the version of the software is 2.2 RC Jan 16 11:53

    to take full backup; press diagnostics > backup > full backup >all > lastbackup

    the software was installed to the same server configuration and then  press diagnostics > restore> >all > lastbackup  (find the former full backup file(that was taken) )
    After installation master server was turned off and the master server which  was  newly installed, was turned on.

    After that , all the rules are working but firewall Virtual IPS doesnt work .

    However, when you edit Virtual IPS rules and press APPLY. Also, you can do the same thing with editing the firewall > Nat > 1.1 rules and play APPLY .  the problem is fixed. this is bug.

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  • Can you post on a bug with steps to reproduce?

    It is not very clear how you describe.

  • hold off on the bug report, let's troubleshoot further here, as I don't think there is an actual bug there. The description isn't clear to me though. What type of VIPs? What traffic did you see on the affected IPs in a packet capture before fixing it?

    It sounds a lot like what'd happen when you have a stale upstream ARP cache after swapping hardware and it sorted itself out by chance while you were going around pushing buttons in the config.

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