How to Block Facebook on HTTPS on Squid proxy server using WPAD autodiscover

  • I have written a new article on how to use the WPAD autodiscover feature for SQUID with snapshots. this works pretty well without IPs and without client interference.

    :D ;D

  • I just went through this same exercise a few weeks ago.  Nice job.  The only things I would suggest would be for you to clean up some of the inconsistencies.  For example, it's pfSense, not pfsense or PFsense.  Facebook, not facebook.  HTTPS, not HTTPs.  Squid, not SQUID.  SquidGuard, not SQUID Guard.  WPAD, not Wpad.  Prerequisites ordered list has unbold #2.  Your guide would be more universal if you didn't assume that they had an AD network.  I might instead host the WPAD file on pfSense itself as per their guide:

    WPAD Autoconfigure for Squid

    Good job, though.

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