Web Gui Wan Access!!!

  • First of all, I apologize is this question have been covered.  However, I was not able to find anything about it.

    I will be setting up pfsense inside my local network.  Wan Will be a class c ip and my lan will be a class a.


    Wan /255
    Lan      /18

    My lan will be use for wifi only.

    I want access thru gui using Wan. 
    No Access thru Lan

    I created an Alias as suggested and a firewall rule and then lan traffic was dead.  What Would it be the right configuration to make this happen.  Thanks Guys!!!

  • I think, you have some trouble with network classes. A class A net has the CIDR /8, a class C /24.
    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Classful_network /255 is no possible network.
    A class A net for wifi??? You will need thousands of APs to serve the clients.
    But this is your beer and not the topic.

    If you don't remove the default allow rule on LAN interface or add a block rule for your local network on the top the wifi clients will also be able to access your local hosts! So the firewall will have no effect!

    To access the WAN IP at first you have to remove the check at "Block private networks" at the interface configuration tab.
    Then you have to add a rule (Firewall > rules > WAN) to allow traffic on WAN interface to WAN address and the Webconfigurators port (by default 80 and 443 > therefor you may use an alias). You may also restrict the source to allow access just from a view IPs.

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