Slow responsiveness

  • on 2.1.5 it was super fast to click on menus .

    Moved to 2.2RC and its really slow

    Not using a VM, on an i3 machine….

    somethings not right, not even high loads either just bad responsiveness

  • I had a weird GUI response problem like this about a year ago when I first went to pfSense.  The problem was my DNS Forwarder.  Under Interfaces, I changed it from Localhost to All or LAN (I don't remember which).  Slowness ensued.  Once I put it back to Localhost, it was snappy again.

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    Screwed DNS (or unreachable LDAP server if using that for authentication).

  • no LDAP, and DNS even tho im accessing PfSense by local IP ?

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    Yes, if DNS server is not configured/working properly the GUI is almost unusable.

  • can you expand on when you say if its not configured correctly, i think mine is configured correctly, but would like to check with your settings

  • Can you switch to using the dns resolver as this is now default in 2.2 as against the dns forwarder in 2.1.x?

  • im already using DNS Resolver, its since this its been slow

  • Hm, I had slowness during one upgrade, so I did a fresh install and put it down to the swap over from the dns forwarder to the dnss resolver but did not investigate further so its a wag at best.

    Is a backup and fresh install before restoring the backup an option?

  • starting from scratch isnt an option at the moment.

    Its just annoying as on 2.1.5 click and it loaded …. on 2.2-RC and RELEASE..

    click ...................................... load

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    Once again. Fix your DNS. Sorry, but there's no "slow reponsiveness" issue with 2.2. You simply have a misconfigured box.

  • can you please explain what you mean by misconfigured box and where to look to resolve it?

    As before on 2.1.5 there was no issue, upgrade to 2.2 and its slow GUI ?

    Let me know what i need to check and i can then confirm if its a misconfiguration on the box ..

    Please dont confuse slow responsiveness with slow internet browsing as that isnbt the problem

    Its just slow GUI on pfsense box …

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    Geeez. There's no slow GUI issue. Diagnose your DNS on the pfSense box and fix it. Repeating "oh noes, it's slow" 20 more times will not get you anywhere. Start with the logs.

  • just saying " geez fix your problem"

    without letting others know what the issue might be isnt going to help anyone. If your not here to help, why are you on the forum ?

    I dont know that there is a DNS problem as i havnt had ant DNS issues at all, just slow Pfsense user admin GUI….

    anyone else got any other constructive tips that i can use to look into this ?

    As this guy doesnt seem to be wanting to help .......

    "look at the logs"

    What logs? like i said ive had 0 issues resolving DNS queries ,,,

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    For starters, how about the System/Resolver logs?  ::) You got multiple hints on what to focus, and instead of finally producing some debugging effort and providing information, you keep ranting how's it slow and that you think you have no DNS problems.

  • I periodically get a "slow response" after restarting PFSense. I think it has something to do with connection pools and modern browsers. I get this often with Chrome and FireFox if I have the browsers open when I restart PFSense.

    Try loading up an incognito or privacy mode and run it side by side to see if the privacy mode "fixes" the issue. If it does, just close your browser and open it back up. Don't just close a tab.

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