Block websites and ports on APU1D4

  • Hello, I have the APU1D4 whit SD card, so the first problem is that i cant install the squidguard because it is not working, it is just installed and it doesn't do anything.So my first question is how can i make a firewall rule to block some ports and ip-s,and the second question is how to specify the time and date to activate the rule.

    thanks for the help :)

  • SquidGuard relies on Squid.  Do you have Squid installed?  The hardware units with SD cards do not work well with Squid unless you set the hard disk cache size to 0 and the hard disk cache system to Null.

  • hey thanks for the replay,meanwhile i found some way to install squidguard. I just upgraded the RAM Disk settings and now i can load the blacklist to the APU1. So for the port blocking or website blocking, i think for the port blocking i found an example:
    Action: Block
    Interface : LAN
    TCP/IP Version : IPv4
    Protocol: UDP
    Source port range: from 27000
                                    to  27015

    Destination: LAN address

    This will block UDP 27000-27015 on the LAN ?
    I can't find an example for the ip or address blocking. :-[

  • LIke I said earlier, if you're using Squid with an appliance & a CF card then you need to set your chache size to 0 and file system to null.

    I can't find an example for the ip or address blocking.

    If you want to block custom sites, create a Target Category.  Add your IP or domain.  Then edit your Target Category's permission in Common ACL's Target Rules List.

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