Configure pfSense 2.1.x box as an ipv6 gateway in OVH

  • Hi,

    I am not sure if this is the best place for asking such question.
    I have tried OVH forum and OVH support but no luck. I got no response there and maybe they are not capable to answer this question.
    Please forgive me if I posted it in wrong place and kindly advise.

    I have many dedicated servers installed with ESXi 5.5 update 2 in which is a subsidiary of OVH.
    And I would like to configure my pfsense VMs to support ipv6 in addition to ipv4.
    The problem is that I am aware that dhcp6 / radvd were turnned off in SYS data center  due to some security concerns they claimed.
    Therefore, I have no choice and go ipv6 configurations with static ipv6 addresses.

    So far, I have successfully attached an ipv6 address to my WAN interface:

    And I am sure my pfSense box can connect to internet via IPv6.

    Here comes the problem. I am not sure how to configure my LAN interface so that pfSense box can act as an ipv6 gateway and route my VMs in LAN to internet via ipv6.

    Services / DHCPv6 Server/RA

    I have been googling this issue for several weeks but found little information.
    Most of them were about using tunnel broker services.
    However, I think it's redundant since we have ipv6/56 blocks from OVH.
    Moreover, using ipv6 tunnel services from or makes my servers connected via internet instead of inside OVH data center.
    It will greatly slow down the connection speed!!
    One more thing, port 25 has been turned off by So you can't have any mail server with port 25 with IPv6 from
    So using services from tunnel broker won't be an option for me and just wasted lots of time.

    Thanks in advance

    Sean Tsang

  • What are your expectations of the dhcpv6-daemon and radv-daemon ?

  • I don't have much expectations from dhcpv6/radvd
    I don't think they are important for me. I can even disable them and configure each VM with static IPv6.

    All I want to do is to implement the following:
    "routable doesn't mean reachable"

    Just need the pfsense box to be a ipv6 firewall/gateway for VMs on LAN


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