Comments/Description field for interface

  • I had mentioned this at the time of 2.1 release as a wish list item and I guess I should have mentioned it here sooner.

    It would be helpful to have a free form text field that allows all characters including spaces in the settings of the Interface. I think this should be the Description field. What is called the Description right now is really the Name or Alias of the interface.

    I like to put in information like where the physical interface is plugged into on the switches. Or what the ISP support information/numbers and account numbers are for the public side interfaces. If VIPs, Aliases, and practically everything else has a description field for it, then why not the interface as well.


  • +1
    The current "description" is really an alternate "name" for the interface, as the GUI says:

    Enter a description (name) for the interface here.

    I guess there is old history in it being called "description" and that the underlying config field is like:

    The <descr>field is displayed in place of the fixed "wan", "lan", "opt1" … names when shown to the user on the GUI.
    As you sugest, it would be nice to have an ordinary "real" description field also. That field could be named <description>like in many other places.
    Then there is the question whether it is worth doing a huge cut-paste to change the <descr>field name to something else.</descr></description></descr>

  • Maybe a text field called Notes or Comments would help avoid confusion in the XML backups?

    Would be useful though so +1.

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