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  • Hi there,

    I'm currently running PFSense in VMWare, but want to run it on a LX195 HP Mediasmart Server. This server doesn't have a VGA port so you can't see what's going on. There is already a similar thread, but that's not coming from an existing installation in a VM.

    I've tried cloning the virtual HDD from VMWare, using Clonezilla to write straight to the physical hard disk in the Mediasmart Server. Put the disk back in the server and boot - the onboard NIC does seem to come up and theres a lot of activity, but it doesn't show up on fings, nor can I ping the IP that's assigned to it. I've tried switching the WAN and LAN interfaces in VMware and re-cloning the image but no good.

    So my question is, can I either set up PFsense to boot and re-discover and auto-reassign interfaces so that I can access this box via ssh or the web ui? Or can I script the installation somehow?

    Thanks for any help!  8)

  • I had a machine that had a VGA port that wasn't working.
    I installed a pcie video card I had laying around, then installed pfsense then removed the card.

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    Does it not even have a serial port?

    You could install in another device, then before shutting down, hand edit the correct interfaces into the config.xml and then rm /tmp/config.cache, then pull the plug and swap it into the other device. Might work, might not.

    Running without some form of console is going to be fun. For varying definitions of fun.

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