Strange Network Problems During Install

  • Hello,

    I installed pFSense which has 3 Intel Pro 1000 nics. When I get to the point of Assigning the Nics and choosing the Auto option, I can connect/disconnect the nics and pFsense console will notify me of which nic has been connected or disconnected (em0, em1, em2).

    Upon connecting the WAN to DHCP i get a local IP which is correct as I want to configure this unit prior to putting it in production. It finds a DHCP lease of I ping this from another system and get nothing. If I reboot pFSense while still pinging it WILL ping for about 2-3 seconds, then revert back to no ping.

    I have configured each NIC in one fashion or another. I have reinstalled, same results.

    What might be the problem here?

  • Netgate Administrator

    If you have more then one interface the default firewall rules will block pinging the WAN. That's the expected behaviour. You should be able to connect on the LAN IP address from within the LAN subnet.


  • I assigned the other NICS a static IP as DHCP is not an option except for the WAN. Upon doing so, none of the IP's are pingable and i cannot reach them via the web interface.

    When I just had one NIC in this box, the WAN would get a DHCP or STATIC lease, I could connect to it via the web interface and ping it as well.

    Any other suggestions? Feel kind of stuck that I may have bought the wrong hardware  :(

  • Netgate Administrator

    Sorry, was clearly too late last night when I replied!  ::)

    Your WAN is receiving an address in the subnet but that is the same subnet that the pfSense LAN interface uses by default. You cannot have two interfaces in the same subnet, it breaks routing.

    Change the LAN interface to use a different subnet, for example: You should then be able to connect to the webgui on that address from a client connected to the LAN interface.


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