ZFS zpool on pfSense 2.2

  • What is the best method to have pfSense 2.2 use a ZFS zpool?

    On pfSense 2.1 I just installed the Shellcmd package, and added the 'earlyshellcmd' "service zfs onestart"

    I noticed on pfSense 2.2 this is no longer possible as the script /etc/rc.d/zfs doesn't exists. I looked at what's in this file on a FreeBSD system and it basically just imports zpools.

    Running the command "zpool import -R /mnt tank" does work if run manually on the command-line but the zpool isn't mounted after a reboot. Adding this as an 'earlyshellcmd' doesn't work.


    Adding "zpool import -R /mnt tank" as a 'shellcmd' (not early) works, now I need to make sure my ezjail runs after the zpool is available.

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