DHCP - dynamic/static ARP

  • Dears,
    I need help to enable both dynamic & static ARP assigns…

    I need not to enable the user to change the IP (not to get out of rule or bandwidth limits & ........).
    so with mikrotik I was adding a static lease for each MAC (with static ARP)
    & enable the DHCP to add dynamically ARP entries to each IP lease so the other not listed users can login to hotspot (captive portal)

    I couldn't reach this results here with any of possible configurations! please help  :'(

  • As a work around I do attach another third NIC to pfSense & create two DHCPs on each NIC the first is static with the options "Enable Static ARP entries" & "Deny unknown clients" ticked… the second is dynamic without those options,
    both pointing to the same switch  ;D , with another network & subnet
    the static entries get the IP from the static DHCP... & the not listed MACs get there IP from the dynamic DHCP with ARP entry.

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