2.2 and Traffic shaping working better

  • I've only just got back up and ran a speedtest. What I noticed interest was it jumped up to my full limited rate in less than a second for both upload and download. With 2.1.x, I would get up to about 80% of the limited speed in the first second, then about 2-3 seconds to get up to 100%. In neither versions do I get dropped packets in the queue, but in 2.2, it is much better at handling a quick ramp-up.

    Side note: That Samsung 840 EVO firmware update and restoration tool took forever. I have two 840 EVO 120s in gmirror. The first one took 1.5 hours, the second about 1 minutes, but that was 1.5 hours without internet. Glad I no longer need to worry.

  • Also i need help in this topic
    I have made download and upload speed as the following :
    1-Firewall - Traffic Shaper and i have created in and out .
    2- I have made the speed limited on Static IP by using firewall - LAN and i have made the requested actions
    But the rule did not make any effect on IP so please can you help me?

  • Best to start your own thread, then we can help you better  :-)

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