DNS and pseudo-bridge mode for Comcast Xfinity modem

  • I've been using pfSense for years, but at a location where I had Fios so the WAN port was connected directly to the ONT.

    Now I'm in a location with Comcast, running 2.2, and I have one of those all-in-one modem/router/AP devices. As I'll only be here for a couple of months I'm not going to switch it out for a dedicated modem.

    Here's my challenge, and I'm sure it's a basic one. Apologies if this is a total newbie thing - feel free to refer me somewhere.

    If I put the Comcast router into bridge mode, I think it still pulls DNS entries from Comcast. If have any DNS settings in General it seems to conflict and causes all sorts of problems associated with no/bad DNS (can't find webpages, etc.) I've tried the DNS Forwarder and DNS Resolver with no consistent success.

    Any thoughts, suggestions or how-to's? Thanks.

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