Upgrade to 2.2 failed firewall hangs on "Setting up interfaces microcode…"

  • I just tried to upgrade my pfSense firewall and now it is hanging on startup. Everything seems to come up fine but when it gets to Setting up interfaces microcode… it just hangs.

    I am hoping there is a way to either restore to before I upgraded or some way to fix this. I don't have a backup for the firewall. I am going to begin building a new one but am hoping someone can help be get this one working.

    Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

    The boot text reads as follows when starting up:
    Starting syslog...done.
    Starting Secure Shell Services...done.
    Setting up polling defaults...done.
    Setting up interfaces microcode...

    At that point the firewall does nothing it just sits there, I have let it run for 30 minutes + and I get nothing.



  • I have the same issue on a VM virtual machine.  I reverted back to a previous snapshot.  Would love to know how to get around this problem.  I suspect for me it's the number of carp addresses but I don't know for sure.


  • Matt,
        Did you ever figure out what was the problem?

    I've gone back to 2.15 and running it.  I setup a new vm and installed 2.2 with no issues, then I restored my current config and on restart I'm getting the hang at the same spot again.    Again my hunch is that this has to do with the carp interfaces, hoping someone might confirm this so I know where in the config to start looking.


  • Netgate Administrator

    More information please.  :)

    Impossible to diagnose anything without some basic information like what hardware you're running and what version (install type) of pfSense.

    Andy, what makes you think it's CARP interfaces? What setup do you have? Are you running CARP with limiters?



  • I'm running the 64 bit version in a vmware esx 5.5 environment.  The reason I suspect it being a problem with carp is due to the number of  interfaces that I have in Carp.  I do not use limiters at all.  I am running 3 WAN connections all with carp.  Other than that I have some basic rules and vpn connections.


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