Atom C2558 IPsec AES-CGM performance… using pfSense 2.2\. Yeah!

  • Just bought two C2558 machines (quad core @ 2.4 GHz) from Supermicro and tested IPsec v2, using AES-NI, configured as follows:

    • Mutual PSK
    • AES256 SHA512 DH4096 for phase1
    • AES256-CGM/auto AES-XCBC PFS16 (4096 bit) for phase 2

    iperf TCP (default settings) LAN-to-LAN over this tunnel gives me 318 Mbps in half-duplex and 162/250 Mbps in full-duplex.

    Regarding plain traffic without IPsec I got around 556 Mbps using one TCP stream and 949 Mbps using 4 streams.

    Pretty happy with this machine!

    (I've uploaded the screenshots with this data to my Flickr account:

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