Help. Cant get this to work.

  • Im having trouble setting this up, well i think its setup, ive been through and configuered it as i think it should be setup, the client can get an ip from pfsense dhcp server, they just cant surf the net. Ive got all the traffic rules in place. set the wan and lan address which i can ping.. the client machines can ping the lan address too. Im just stuck in the final bits of configuration, like for example i think i read somewhere that i have to bridge the lan to the wan but im not sure, things like that is where a basic tutorial is needed.
    Can someone please point me to a tutorial on setting up the proxy once pfsense is installed, there was a tutorial titled "setting up a transparent proxy" but that has disapeard since the site redesign..

  • Things to do:

    1. Post your version of pfSense
    2. Post your firewall rules

  • Version is the latest 1.2 Release version.

    As for the Rules there arnt any as such, just the default ones, ive set some traffic shapping rules, but no firewall rules and this is most likely where im going wrong! Just wanted to get it up and running before locking it down.

    Proto  Source  Port  Destination  Port  Gateway  Schedule    Description
    *  LAN net  *  *                *  *      Default LAN -> any

    Proto  Source  Port  Destination  Port  Gateway  Schedule  Description
    TCP  *              *  *      80 (HTTP)  * 
    TCP  *              *  *      110 (pop3)  * 
    TCP  *              *  *      25 (smtp)  *

    If you could point me in the write direction that would be awesome!


  • May be need allow DNS (tcp & icmp) for WAN?

  • Nice! cant beleive i didnt think about letting dns through.

    Ive added:
    Proto  Source  Port  Destination  Port  Gateway  Schedule  Description
    TCP  *            *    *                53 (DNS)  *

    Didnt know what icmp to let through (echo reply, destination unreachable etc). However its still not working. It looks for the page then after a few seconds brings up the page cannot be displayed page.
    Any other ideas?
    Thanks for helpn out by the way!

  • DNS testing from 'Windowsing' host's -

    'ping' need allowing icmp.
    Also you can disable(stop) proxy(squid) and open outbound NAT rule for testing.

  • Have you installed squid and enabled transparent proxying?

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