PPPoE over WiFi

  • Hi All,

    I have been struggling to get PPPoE over WiFi to work.

    As soon as I configure the WAN port to be a wifi adapter (regardless which) and i enter the PPPoE user/pass combo and click apply, the machine reboots, and as soon as it gets to "Configuring WAN adapter…" in the boot process, it reboots again, and again, and again... until I remove the offending adapter.

    I have tried it on 2 (very) different PCs with different WiFi adapters... Atheros PCI and PCIe and Realtek USB. 5 of the possible combos (1 PC does not have PCIe ports) ended up with the same result.

    Thanks for all and any help.
    Sorry if I missed the category for my question, or if it has been discussed already (haven't found it searching).

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