Upgraded to 2.2 Piperd consuming processor ???

  • Hello everyone,
    I just upgraded from most recent version to 2.2 All seemed as it went ok with no problems.
    Then i noticed that the cpu was running 10-30%. When looking at processes i see that there is a piperd consuming alot of the processor and right before this capture it was piperd as well as an accept process. with both of them 50% of the processor was being used. I was not actively doing anything over the internet that would be causing the box to work.

    Anyone know what could be causing this? I rebooted a few times. I thought it was snort maybe so i uninstalled/reinstalled that with no change. I listed all the additional packages that i have installed at the bottom. I am at a loss on what may be causing this. Am I going to have to start from scratch?

    last pid: 83341;  load averages:  0.06,  0.14,  0.15  up 0+01:33:17    18:58:31
    164 processes: 5 running, 114 sleeping, 45 waiting

    Mem: 183M Active, 169M Inact, 295M Wired, 97M Buf, 2341M Free
    Swap: 8192M Total, 8192M Free

      11 root          155 ki31    0K    32K CPU1    1  86:58 100.00% [idle{idle: cpu1}]
      11 root          155 ki31    0K    32K CPU0    0  86:46 100.00% [idle{idle: cpu0}]
      11 root          155 ki31    0K    32K RUN    3  83:54  99.85% [idle{idle: cpu3}]
      11 root          155 ki31    0K    32K CPU2    2  85:37  94.48% [idle{idle: cpu2}]
    77242 root          52    0 31380K 20112K piperd  3  1:00  12.60% php-fpm: pool lighty (php-fpm)
    79777 root          20    0  490M  233M bpf    0  1:05  0.00% /usr/local/bin/snort -R 1407 -D -q –
        0 root          -16    0    0K  144K swapin  0  0:46  0.00% [kernel{swapper}]
      12 root          -92    -    0K  360K WAIT    0  0:29  0.00% [intr{irq258: em2:rx 0}]

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    ====Package list=============

    AutoConfigBackup Services 1.28
    Backup System 0.1.5
    Cron Services 0.1.8
    File Manager Diagnostics 0.1.4
    mailreport Network Management 2.1
    nut Network Management 2.7.2_6 pkg 2.0.4
    OpenVPN Client Export Utility Security 1.2.15
    pfBlocker Firewall 1.0.3
    RRD Summary System 1.1
    snort Security pkg v3.2.2
    System Patches System 1.0.3

  • I also notice on the dashboard, the cpu graph (bar) is animated as if it was 100% but underneath in text it only say~20%.

  • If you're using PowerD to "speed step" your CPU, what frequency is your CPU running at? CPU time is relative to CPU frequency. If your CPU is at 10% load at 300mhz, then goes up to 3ghz, it will now be at 1% load.

  • I havent done anything with the processor. its a supermicro system with atom chip. Never had this happen before.

    Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU D525 @ 1.80GHz
    4 CPUs: 1 package(s) x 2 core(s) x 2 HTT threads

  • Not sure, I was just reaching for low hanging fruit.

    fyi, PowerD is a service that PFSense runs, but defaults off in 2.1.x, but I'm not sure if it defaults off in 2.2.

    System->Advanced->Misc  You'll see PowerD listed under "Power Savings".

  • Thanks. that is not enabled.

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