E2guardian package status

  • This is primarily directed at user MarcelloC, but as this is an open forum, it is "open" for public discussion…

    Marcello, I am curious as to the status/progress of the e2guardian package? Are you stuck on something in particular? Are you working on a task that is time consuming, like writing/coding the GUI, or perhaps life in general is getting in the way?

    It is not my intention to annoy or harass, but simply to get a feel for how much progress has been made.

  • The first step like I've posted is porting it to freebsd ports. This is something I'm working on.

  • I now I'm changing topic but on a related note… I was going to manually start converting DG to E2. First step - I'm trying to get E2 compiled under freeBSD 10.1. The compile works fine, but there seems to be something wrong with the binary. When I run it with "-h" or "-v" I get the appropriate output. However, when I try to run it normally (with no command line options), it returns immediately, gives no output or logging, but doesn't actually run (no background process running). Anyone actually get it compiled and running on freeBSD 10.1?

  • I was able to compile it last night and copied the files over to my 2.2 install.. It did start, but I was unable to connect to it. Then I went to bed.. lol

    ./configure --enable-clamd=yes --enable-icap=yes --localstateddir=/var --with-piddir=/var/run/e2guardian --with-proxyuser=proxy --with-proxygroup=proxy

  • good to know… and thanks for the configure options... Might ping you for the binary if I can't get it working.

    Next step will be to start converting all the config files and UI screens.

  • It did compile, start with basic config but wasn't able to connect to it. When I get more time this week, i'll see whats up with that…

    I marcelloc is working on getting a freebsd port created. Which is the first requirement so it can be created into a package. I don't believe pfSense will accept a binary without the freebsd port.. This way it can be auto compiled behind the scenes based on the options in pkg_config.10.xml.

    You may want to work with marcelloc on the config/UI screens since he was the creator of the dansguardian package.. Would make sense to probably keep the same format since the bulk of the options can be reused.

  • I could get it working on my vm. I'll try to push it to freebsd ports and then pfsense this week.

  • @marcelloc:

    I could get it working on my vm. I'll try to push it to freebsd ports and then pfsense this week.


  • For those who needs e2guardian/dansguardian working on pfsense 2.2 I've open a bounty to speed up the process..

    Hope you can help me too…  ;)


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