Internet/WAN Failover Approach to 3G/4G Cell Phone (iPhone) using USB Tethering

  • I currently have Broadband internet service using Comcast. My broadband cable modem is connected to my pfSense appliance (Watchguard Firebox 515). My pfSense box is then connected to my 48 port gigabit switch (LAN). For internet failover, I want to configure pfSense to failover to my 3G/4G LTE router (MoFi MOFI3500-3GN). Based on my research, this is the only 3G/4G LTE router that will successfully perform USB tethering with an iphone. I plan to connect my iPHone to the USB port on the MoFi router to create an USB Tethering Hot Spot. Once that is done, all my computers connected to my LAN switch should be able to use the Hot Spot to connect to the internet.

    Does anyone see if problems with my failover approach? Has anyone worked with the MoFi MOFI3500-3GN router before? Can folks perform detail instructions on how to setup a secondary WAN connection to be used for failover?

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