2.1.5 > 2.2 dumps every time I disable carp on the master

  • Hey all,

    Setup description: a pair of i386s running in CARP. Upgraded the secondary to 2.2. Both running on gmirrors created through an older version's setup (no custom partition layouts). Intel PT cards all round. 4GBs RAM each.

    Two issues:

    1. Upgrade on the secondary resets the outbound NAT to auto. A bad, bad thing to do.

    2. Every single time I disable CARP on the master (to test if the secondary takes over OK), the secondary dumps and reboots after a while. It then proceeds to rebuild the gmirror.

    The dump report says (amongst other things):

    panic: pfsync_undefer_state: unable to find deferred state
    cpuid = 0
    KDB: enter: panic

    right after the interfaces become master on the secondary.

    Anyone seen this issue?

  • Hi jflsakfja,

    I just posted a similar problem (https://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?topic=87485.0), error message is the same but I can't exactly tell when it happens. It's after the autoaupdate on a secondary node of a failover cluster. I searched the forum (probably like you) but couldn't find anything. If nobody comes up with answer I am going to try an upgrade completely disabling CARP before and reenable CARP after both machines have been upgraded independently.



  • Nice to see that I'm not going crazy  :P

    Forgot to say that they boxes are also running suricata, cron and system patches as packages.

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