Updated Systems crash randomly

  • Hi,

    I Updated four X86 systems and three of them are randomly rebooting.

    One of them ist Alix2D13 without packages and two full-installs with atom-cpu.

    The three systems that crash are all using ipsec-tunnels and connected to vdsl. pppoe on vlan 7.

    One full-install-system crashed once this day (no packages), another one ten times per hour until i uninstalled squid and lightsquid package. Now running for 4 hours, maybe luck…

    I have the same box on another site, also using squid and lightsquid, but no VDSL which is working well, til now

    I unistalled all packages before upgrading to 2.2.

    Might be an issue with the vdsl-links?

    See attached crashreport

    Help appreciated :)



  • A double fault sounds suspiciously like a problem I found whilst testing the -RC.

    I was able to stop the crash on mine by disabling IPSEC.  I'm afraid I never got to the bottom of the problem and ended up switching to using OpenVPN.

    My next trouble shooting step was going to be disabling these:
    Device polling and Hardware Checksum Offloading (System -> Advanced -> Networking)

    I had already changed around much of my setup one piece at a time.  My system is an APU based thing with a Realtek NIC using x86 (not amd64) nanobsd off a CF card.  There are lots of other things I wanted to try but I have to keep the internet working at home or my wife gets a bit sarcastic and the late nights were getting a bit much!


  • I also disabled IPSEC on two systems and switched to open vpn.
    No reboot so far for a day now. Before i tried recreating the Ipsec-config and switched to IKE V2, but the alix-system continued to crash.
    Don't know if it was the same error as the embedded does not show the report after reboot.

    My third troublemaker was downgraded today because openvpn was not an option.


  • I am also seeing a crash on Atom hardware while using IPSec.

  • Same here on a Alix2d13 afer update to 2.2
    Also VDSL with VLAN 7
    Disable IPSEC stops the crashes.
    Any new information here?

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