Alix APU throughput results - 400+ Mbit

  • As promised - heres a pfSense 2.2 stable box pushing packets at full speed.

    48% CPU while downloading gets 400 Mbit
    70% CPU while uploading gets 500 Mbit

    No VPN was involved - I don't have a second fat pipe for testing.

  • Thnx for sharing your results with us! If you will be able to spend once more again some time
    ever, it would be good to know how much OpenVPN speed this device (Alix APU) is capable to
    handle.  :)

  • Nice! Did you try to setup iperf to do a more precise test?
    I guess APU should be able to pass more traffic.

  • Not really.
    The problem isn't the APU itself, but the realtek network cards which are used.

  • To quote Keanu Reaves in ANY movie he's ever played in…"Whoa"

    I pushed 200Mb through mine copying from NAS to NAS from LAN to OPT1 interface, and thought I was doing a thorough test.  It's good to know these "little" inexpensive boxes can pump so many packets.

  • Thanks for posting this been looking at those little boxes for a while thinking about them. OpenVPN with AES should be fast as there is hardware side silicon.

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