Via C3 866Mhz PC133 vs P3 Celeron 1000Mhz PC100

  • Via C3 866Mhz PC133 vs P3 Celeron 1000Mhz PC100
    Im planning to change cpu becouse of the lower W on the Via and passiv cooling.
    i have about 50-60% max on my 100mbit line with intel NICs
    how much of a performance dropp will i see? someone know?

  • The via should be fine for 100 mbit/s wirespeed tasks if you don't run additional packages on it that eat much cpu. If you plan to run vpn encryptiontasks as well the via might be the better choice anyway as it has a hardware encryption untit build in. Not sure if we use it currently though. The last time we investigated this we had to disable it's usage but that was about 2 years ago iirc. I have to admit that I currently don't know if it's enabled in pfSense or not. but if it is supported (or once it will be) it will blow the celeron to bits and pieces when speaking of vpn encryption ;D

  • ok thx… know i only have to find out if the motherboard supports it :) (btw i us livecd version so no packages)

  • The via should also be lower on power consumption than the celeron I think.

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