FTP Dropped SINCE 2.2

  • Hi,

    On my pfsense 2.2 i am getting complains from some users that they cannot make a ftp connection any more. This problem is after the upgrade of 2.2

    Port 21 is open but in the logs i see the ip's of my clients connection on compleet different port numbers like:

    sourceipadres:55089 destinationip:60001 TCP:S

    I do not know why he puts in that port number. I have several customers with differtent ftp clients complaining about this.

    Any tips?

  • ftp proxy is not available anymore in 2.2. only active ftp works –> passive fails

    see https://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/Upgrade_Guide#FTP_Proxy

  • Rebel Alliance Global Moderator

    Passive just has be be setup manually if you want it to work because there is no helper.

    If you have server behind pfsense, and clients on the public internet that want t use passive..  The on your ftp server set it to use specific range of ports, say 5000-6000, then forward those to your ftp server.  And make sure your ftp server is handing out your public IP..  Many of them just hand out its private IP its on, and the ftp helper would change that to what your public IP is.

    Ftp is not broken or removed, active and passive both work be it your client is server is behind pfsense..  You just have to do it old school and create the forwards manually and make sure the correct IP is given by the client or the server.

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