• I'd like to know the current status of hangouts?
    We missed December's, and I'm guessing at this rate, missing January's.

    Are we expecting another one soon? or is it not being done anymore?

    (And yes, I realize you probably committed a lot of effort to pushing 2.2 out the door, which is much appreciated. Just wondering what the future holds)

  • It has been notified in pfSense Gold Newsletter - January 2015 which was emailed out on 26 Jan 2015.
    Friday 30 January 2015 1:00pm Central US time
    Look for your Gold subscriber email.

  • I would, if I had actually gotten said email. I haven't received a Gold Newsletter since October 2014.
    Which interestingly enough, is when my first year subscription expired, I renewed 13 days later, haven't
    seen anything since.

    I've verified my email account information is correct in the portal site. Not in my spam folder

    I've searched my mailserver logs, and found it looks like you use for your newsletters, and they aren't
    in my logs since October 2014 as well.

    Who do I poke (in private) with my account info, to see about getting this fixed, as well as hopefully getting a copy
    said newsletter?

  • A PM to cmb or jimp on the forum will be easiest - they can fix whatever has gone wrong with your Gold subscription being missing from the mailing list.
    See below…

  • Netgate Administrator

    Newsletters get sent out monthly …

    We are generating them and sending them out using Campayn. That started right after the October newsletter. I see the reports on each mail we send out and any problems that might exist are not obvious. There is a VERY high number of views on each one.

    First, you should whitelist '' - You would not have known that if you had never received it.

    Going forward, perhaps I'll create them online and share the URL, sending it to Gold subscribers the old way. IN the meantime, if you missed the last few, my apologies and thanks for pointing it out. Here ya go!

    --- and the best way to resolve this is just to email me.  sdavis @ (you know the domain name)  cmb and jimp are consumed with other important tasks, as you might imagine.  Thanks again for pointing this out.

  • sorry did not get newsletters and as a home user and happy supported the $99 price with missing hangouts and missing notises  over the last year and not a single new feature Ive decided it wasn't worth renewing my GOLD membership

  • I don't think I ever got any newsletter too. I think  ;D