Hardware to much/little for 1Gb/s

  • Hi. I plan to set up a gigabit router with the following hardware:

    Motherboard: Asus H97M-E
    CPU: Core i3 4330
    NIC: Gigabit CT Desktop Adapter
    RAM: 8GB HyperX FURY Red Series

    Will this be too much (unnecessarily expensive) or to little (will not be able to handle 1Gb/s)?
    The router will route 1Gb WAN and also 3 VLAN (1 "regular" network, 1 server network, and 1 guest network). There will be approximately 30 users in the network (give or take).

  • It will handle it fine - I would suggest two nics or a dual port nic though

    It is pretty much perfect.

  • A celeron g1840 stays at 500 mhz under normal usage with gigabit wan, and barely goes to 1000 when doing 90+ MB/s torrenting with 500+ torrents. This is with intel pro 1000 / ct gigabit pci-express cards.