Bacula version compatibility issue

  • Whilst it generally a good idea to keep up with the latest versions of things, the bacula package has rather got ahead of itself. The latest version, available for pfSense 2.2, is version 7.0.5 from July 14. Unfortunately this is incompatible with the 5.2.5 from Jan 12 running on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Indeed the latest version mentioned at is 5.2.6. With pfSense 2.1 all was well, but with 2.2 backups no longer work.


    Is it possible to run bacula-dir and bacula-sd on bacula-5.2.13 with
    bacula-fd running 7.0.x on another box?

    The only officially supported combination is (director version == storage daemon version) >= file daemon version.

    Your mileage may vary but don't expect a newer file daemon to work with an older director/storage daemon.

    Is it possible to install an older version of bacula-fd (i.e. that from pfSense 2.1) on pfSense 2.2?



  • The backward incompatibility between Bacula dir/sd 5 and fd 7 is certainly disappointing.

    But given one of the major focus points for 2.2 was to "get current", and that Bacula 7.0 has been out for ten months, using Bacula 7.0.5 for pfSense was certainly an appropriate choice.

    For whatever it's worth, I don't run Bacula on pfSense anymore. I just run a job to download the config file and then back up that via Bacula. Your mileage may vary.

  • I think there's a case for offering both versions, just as both squid 2 and 3 are available.


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    That should be possible in theory. The FreeBSD ports tree has both available still, sysutils/bacula-client is 7.0.5, sysutils/bacula5-client is 5.2.12