IPv6 Default Gateway Issue

  • So I've been fighting various IPv6 issues the past couple days.  The latest is that there seems to be an issue in how pfsense is assigning the default IPv6 gateway to clients.  I am getting a WAN IPv6 address with a 128 subnet mask as well as a LAN IPv6 address with a 64 subnet mask.  On a windows 7 box I will get a link local gateway which works for about a minute before that gateway disappears and after that point IPv6 stops working even though the machine still has its assigned IPv6 address.  If I manually set the gateway then everything works fine and I can hit external IPv6 addresses and pass all the tests.  Anyone run into this or have any suggestions?

  • Suggestions ?
    Post explicit configuration (data, pictures) like:
    Interfaces: WAN, : LAN and Services: Router advertisements.