• Hi,

    I'm running 1:1 NAT  and it works,  however  NATed boxes do not see themselves by  public IP which is NATed to them  (both ping and TCP connect does not work)

    Is this suppose to be happening or do I need to configure something in addition.

    This is PfSense 1.0 Beta2

  • Nat reflection only works for port forwards and not for 1:1 nat and only for ranges <500 ports. You can add single ports/ranges as portforwards on top of your 1:1 if that is needed. Make sure you have nat reflection enabled at system>advanced.

  • And to quote from System -> Advanced:

    "Disables the automatic creation of NAT redirect rules for access to your public IP addresses from within your internal networks. Note: Reflection only works on port forward type items and does not work for large ranges > 500 ports."