Pfsense authenticating against qnap ldap server

  • pfSense:
    2.2 running on a C2758 1U


    Users are setup and in groups on the qnap's ldap server. pfSense has been setup to authenticate against the ldap located on the qnap. Authentication happens for users, however there is no distinguishing of the groups. In other words any user on the qnap's ldap will be authenticated and allowed despite being in a group which that user should NOT be allowed. When I go to DIAGNOSTICS–>AUTHENTICATION and punch in any user I get a confirmed yes, but groups belonging to is blank. Incorrect user credentials come up in error. I have researched google a fair bit but havent found much help regarding groups. One such page I thought might be what I needed was: But this still doesn’t work.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction with ldap authentication with groups?

    Ultimately I am seeking to have authenticated users in particular groups for pfSense login, as well as openvpn access.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Can anyone assist with this ldap question? Or is my understanding incorrect of this feature of pfSense?


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    You are missing a local group with assigned privs on pfSense box.

    Also, if you want to query a particular LDAP group only, fix your extended query: