Acd0:failure - request_sense timed out

  • I'm getting a whole stream of acd0:failure - request_sense timed out when I boot up. Also, after that are further error/repair messages and then pfSense boots up nicely.

    What I'm guessing is that I might have corrupted the kernel when I (brain lapse here) inadvertently turned off the UPS without going through a proper shutdown as I always do.

    Should I leave things as they are -or- should I do a reinstall of pfSense?

    Thank You!

  • acd0 is a cd/dvd drive …. anything in there ?

  • Not likely anything is wrong with the system, that's probably just it trying to poll the CD drive when it boots and the drive not responding. Couple scenarios where I've seen that, one where the drive just doesn't reply to things like that when it has no media in it, one where the drive has died. Regardless, it's not anything to be concerned about.

  • Thank you so much for your kind and helpful response.

    No CD or DVD in the drive so I shall ignore the warnings as you suggest.

    Btw, I just love pfSense.  :)