Suricata 2.0.6 update coming soon – but only for pfSense 2.2

  • Suricata 2.0.6 pkg v2.1.3 – Binary update for Suricata (for pfSense 2.2 systems only)

    An update to 2.0.6 will appear soon for the Suricata package, but it will be only for pfSense 2.2 systems.  Here is a link describing the upstream fixes in the 2.0.6 binary:  There are no GUI code changes with this package release as it is an update to the underlying binary only.

    This update will only be available for pfSense 2.2 systems.  All of the Suricata users on 2.1.x of pfSense will be stuck at the 2.0.4 version for the binary.  This is because the newer 2.0.6 source code will not compile on a FreeBSD 8.3 system base.  There were some major changes to the FreeBSD ports tree back last year that effectively broke compiling newer updated packages on FreeBSD versions older than 8.4.  This coincided with the end of official support for 8.3.  Because pfSense 2.1.x was based on FreeBSD 8.3, newer versions of the ports will not build properly for that system.


  • thanks Bill!

  • This update was merged this morning and should appear for pfSense 2.2 users only as mentioned in the release notice above.  Go to System > Packages > Installed Packages and the update should be showing as available.

    NOTE:  this update and future Suricata updates will only be available for pfSense 2.2 and above due to changes in the Suricata source code that break compiling a package on pfSense 2.1.x.