Cant't figure out how to port forward?

  • Hello. i just installed sense today and wanted to portforward my lamp server with wordpress and owncloud.
    i went into firewall -> NAT -> Portforward
    i tried to port forward port 80 and 443 but it didnt work ? i was getting 401 error and i can't figure out what i did wrong?

  • Netgate

    So you got a response from the web server?

    Check your apache error logs then.

  • no it was an message from the pfsense box about an possible attack on my server ?

  • Netgate

    I guess post what you've done then?

  • Were you trying to connect from your WAN to your forwarded port? PFSense isn't going to reply for anything unless you also have the PFSense management on 80/443 and now you opened the ports.

  • yes that is my exact probem, sorry for the bad describtion but i was so tired when i wrote the post :S

    i am trying to connect to my wan-ip to port 80/443. the two ports is forwarded in the router and in my pfsensebox but i am getting this error message where pf sense was saying something about an possible attack and i should look at wiki for more information

  • you'll have to change the pfsense webgui to different ports if you wish to portforward 80/443