• I'm still running 2.1.8 with squid 3 and I didn't realize for a while but it seems squid is trying to download everything from any page I connect to.
    Has anyone ever experienced squid fully saturating your internet connection, basically trying to download everything you surf?
    How do I fix it?
    I know it's squid because if I restart the service it stops saturating the connection then once I initiate a connection to a page again it goes nuts and start downloading.
    I used NTopNG to view what it is squid is downloading to confirm.

  • Do you mean 2.1.5-RELEASE? I do not believe pfSense 2.1.8 was ever released however I do believe that the #8 is directly above the #5 on the 10-key part of a keyboard :)

    I was running 2.1.5-RELEASE (i386) with Squid-3 on a bare metal machine from a few days after it was released so perhaps September 1, 2014 through just a few days ago when 2.2-RELEASE was made available and never had this issue.

    What is your internet connection and how much traffic do you have going through the WAN? Do you know what sites that Squid is hitting to pull data from?

    Under the Services tab, Proxy Server, there is a 'Cache Management' tab where you can specify sites that you do not wish to have cached. There are a bunch of good YouTube tutorials as well as the Squid site and documentation to help with this. I never moved my /var out of RAMDISK and have only allocated 512MB to it. I can't imagine saturating my connection downloading unless I was running a T1 or DSL.

    Just exclude the culprit sites and read the documentation.


  • You are right, 2.1.5, I did accidentally hit the 8.
    I haven't updated to 2.2 yet because when I did I was having issues with packages not working or installing so I thought I'd skip for a little while and wait for things to catch up.

    Internet is 25Mb and it get's 100% saturation though I'm not exactly sure why while my LAN is only pulling 3 to 10Mbps. Last night when I was looking at what was saturating the connection it seemed squid was pulling from wxdata.weather.com and www.google-analytics.com while at the same time I was trying to get some iso's downloaded though I was only getting about 200 to 300KB/s (2 to 3Mbps) but my internet connection was 100% saturated.

    I'm not caching to RAM. I'm actually caching to the drives in the server. I figured I might be able to increase hit rate by keeping the cache around longer.
    I am also aware of the cache exclusions under the "Local Cache" and have been adding to it slowly. I'm just wondering why it seems like squid is trying to download the whole entire site.
    I had this exact same thing happen at a client's place. One of the accountants ran an update for QuickBooks and squid saturated one of the internet connections and was downloading from the QuickBooks update server. It seemed like it was trying to download ALL the updates, not just the one.