Repeating updating dyndns, restarting OpenVPN and ipsec

  • Searching found multiple issues similar to this but haven't found anything really relevant to my situation and no solution.  I keep getting:

    check_reload_status: updating dyndns WAN_DHCP
    pfSense check_reload_status: Restarting ipsec tunnels
    pfSense check_reload_status: Restarting OpenVPN tunnels/interfaces
    pfSense check_reload_status: Reloading filter

    Repeating as often as minutes.  This has gone on for a while, even before/after a fresh 2.2 install-not upgrade.  I don't have any dyndns, ipsec, or OpenVPN setup at all.  Before the 2.2 install, I had to set DNS servers in all systems because pfsense refused a high percentage of DNS requests, sometimes had to reload web pages 3, 4 even 5 times to get a page fully loaded.  So far, this behavior hasn't returned.  This is what I saw in wireshark:

    Flags: 0x8185 Standard query response, Refused
    Queries type A, class IN

    Any hints info appreciated, I'm not all that knowledgeable about this, it's really appreciated.

  • I had the same issue (the first^) and I fixed it by enabling "Disable Gateway Monitoring" in System>Routing>Gateways for my VPN and ipv6 gateway.

  • Thanks for the reply.  I'm hoping to avoid that, I really prefer to figure out what the problem is.  With the DNS query problem gone, maybe due to switch to 2.2/unbound, the only issue I so far have noticed is the cluttered logs, so I can live with, but I'd really like to understand what's going on.

  • Check the Gateways log. You might find that those events correspond to "delay" or "loss" events from apinger. If you don't want to disable gateway monitoring, you can try editing the advanced gateway settings to increase the thresholds for delay and loss.

  • It looks like that's it, many 'delay' entries in the log.  Thank you!  I've been having some latency issues, I guess I've had my head backwards on this, my thinking was one source of high latency might have been this reloading issue, but the causation is the opposite way!

    Oh well, thanks again, learning, too often it's embarrassing and painful, especially after all that banging my head on the desk.