Bypassing SSL specific domains on squid3?

  • I am new user of squid3 ! so far is good especially when using CA and ssl and Transparent mode … to block some sites with some content !
    but there is one problem ... I can't get into App Store within iOS device ! ... I google and try to add :

    at whitelist access control ... it does not works !

    any idea?


  • On transparent mode, the best way to do not intercept is creating a host alias(not domains) fill it up and then apply this alias under squid general option "do no proxy for these destination address."

  • Same issue as I mentioned in my post in a different thread. SSL filtering is not as easy as plain transparent mode. Especially for network devices like smart TV, blu-ray players and tabs/Ipads

  • thanks for reply ,
    but I can't find all hosts ! when u try to download an iOS app … it's simply drops ... maybe somebody puts some lights !
    I don't want to disable SSL filtering ... cause I can control the internet especially  when kids around


  • Try to get networks ip ranges/bgp too.

  • well I manage to get major hosts of iDevices ! and to make none mistake alias```