• Just a few observations on my upgrade: (Embedded Alix 2d13)

    1. Not a painless process - lots of changes - heed the warnings and read the docs, as always.  Have a backout plan.
    2. Many package changes.  In my case squid3 -dev- caused the system to be unable to reinstall packages.
    3. My solution was to download the config from backup/restore, manually edit and remove the offending packages, restore the modified config, reboot, then install the new squid3, remove, reinstall.  Still some problems with reverse proxy erroring out so it is now disabled.

    Generally the gui on my old hardware is now more responsive, most appreciated.


  • I can second @gpfsenser's experiences.

    • I too had an issue with the squid3-dev package not being available under 2.2, requiring the work around with manual config edit - perhaps something for the release notes so it can be avoided by others?

    • My reverse proxy functionality no longer works - I'm yet to figure out why. Using Squid3 and SquidGuard3 from 2.2 package list.

    • I have a hard-crash when remotely accessing the web configurator interface over IPSec - different thread is discussing that at the moment.

    • The upgrade of the base FreeBSD to 10.x is very helpful for me, especially for the Hyper-V hosted instances.

    • The UI is also better for me.

    Thanks for the great work!