• Yesterday I upgraded one of my systems to 2.2-RELEASE (i386) built on Thu Jan 22 14:04:25 CST 2015 FreeBSD 10.1-RELEASE-p4 and I can no longer use the WOL feature. When I try to send a WOL packet, nothing happens. Wireshark shows no traffic either udp or Wake On Lan.  I can wake workstations using software called wakemeonlan.exe, so I know it's not in BIOS or NIC settings. The WOL function has worked fine for over a year before this.

    I have five other systems (used in business-retail stores) and I want to get this fixed before upgrading them.

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  • Thanks for the quick reply. This is interesting, but I need more detail on how to fix this (or even if it is possible to do so.) My hardware is in fact i386 32 bit here. (Portwell/Secure Computing) In the stores I am running Watchguard Firebox units with pfSense under FreeBSD.

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    The fix is linked in the bug. Either grab the patch and apply it or wait for 2.2.1

  • Thanks, this worked.