Shaper on 1.3

  • [answers supplied by Ermal]  [ this post is about the shaper in 1.3, which is very different from the shaper in 1.2] [1.3 alpha  will  be out soon.]

    Q.  at the start of the shaper wizard, what is "numberofconnections:"
    A. this is the number of WAN/ISP connections.

    Q.what is the floating rule for?
    A. the floating rule allows to express a whole pf ruleset with all it features. Mostly in pfSense you will use it for outgoing rules.
    But it is more powerfull than that. It allows to tag packets(policy filtering) in a late match syntax. It allows you to load-balance squid or any other service running on the host…
    Some other more advanced things.
    If you have run the shaper wizard you have seen many rules in there with outgoing direction which apply to all connections. 1 rule applies to the whole internet connections you have. And there is its beauty.
    To shape http traffic on 100 connections you just need a pass out from any to any port http keep state queue http and it will do the magic for you. Taking in consideration that you have created a http queue on the interfaces involved with 100 connections which the wizard does for you easily.

  • can we download and test 1.3? if yes, where? thanks

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