Pfsense upgrade from 2.1.3 to 2.2 packages installation stucks

  • Hi,

    I upgraded my pfsense installation from 2.1.3 to 2.2 it seemed that everything went well.
    But after a few minutes (while dashboard said updating/installing packages) I lost the management
    access to pfsense while the box was working like firewall (allow/deny flows etc.).
    On the console I saw this:

    Beginning package installation for NRPE v2 .
    Installing NRPE v2 and its dependencies. 100%

    and that is all…

    only hard reset helped. Does anyone have similar problem with upgrading?



  • Hi.

    The 'sure' - 'safe' and 'long road' solution is:
    Go back to 2.1.3.
    Keep a backup of the config for this '2.1.3' version.
    Now, remove ALL packages.
    Keep your '2.1.3' running a while - be sure all is good.

    Now, upgrade to 2.2.
    As soon as it is up and running, make a config backup.
    [Now, take a break, and check for every package you used before in the "package sub forum" if there are any problems being signaled]
    Add ONE of your old  packages - set it up.
    WAIT a moment ….. observe if verything is fine. Reboot. Everything comes up and goes well ?
    If yes, install the NEXT package from your list.

    As soon as things blow up, you will know what package you should avoid.

    Go back to "2.2" 'clean' redo your list, do not install the package(s) that was/were brook - you could find more 'broken' packages.

    Most 'Packages' are NOT being written by the authors of pfSEnse - so any issue might arrive when pfSense was upgraded, when FreeBSD was upgraded, etc.

    If you want to use a package, you should:
    Check very often for the development of that package (this forum - elsewhere)  - never ever touch/use a package that has NO regular version changes - only use package that are under constant development. In case of doubt: just stay away from it and you will be fine.
    A package that isn't regularly being authored (upgraded) by the author will probably NOT survive a pfSense release.

    Before every upgrade of pfSense, CHECK your packages. Like checking your apps when you update your (Windows or MAC) PC, check your plugins when you update your CMS, etc.