• Hi so i have been following the development on the perfect rangley platform for pfsense for some time now.
    Been holding back on purchase since i know the RCC-VE line was right around the corner, and it's pure awesomeness :)

    Now it's avalible for pre-order from netgate. I got some questions regarding the device.

    I will be replacing my main firewall with an RCC-VE 4880 unit. At my two other sites i will have the RCC-VE 2440 units.
    It will be connected with site-to-site vpn. There is an 100/100 mbit fiber connection on all site.
    I want to be able to utilize 100 / 100 mbit between the site over ipsec vpn. Will the units be able to provide this ?

    The devices comes installed with centos. What is the best and easy way to load pfsense on the devices ?
    Is there any difference buying from netgate or should i wait and see if it turns up in the pfsense store?

  • On my side i would like to use it for Fiber Internet Access at Home where i have 500Mb/s Downlaod and 200Mb/s upload.
    My concern is if the RCC-VE-4860 will be enough to carry such speed with Squid, Snort, etc… running with pfSense or should i go directly to a new RCC-VE-8860 running an Aton C2758 ?

    Does someone could provide perf average with a C2558 and a C2758 ?



  • Hmm…  Shipping in March.  Going to email them about that.  I was going to order a box from Lanner to play with but this meets my needs better since it ships with CentOS 7 installed and that's what I was going to load...