100% packetloss after upgrade to 1.2

  • Hi!

    I just updated my router from 1.0.1 to 1.2 (1.2-RELEASE), and have gotten some problems with the router. 2-3 times a day, the router just dies and i get 100% packetloss from the router to the WAN, and i cant even ping it on the local network. I cant find anything in the logs that suggest what this error is either.

    When the router dies and i try to ping other computers on the network i get the error message "ping: sentdo: Operation not permitted". If i ping the router from a client i also get 100% packetloss.

    IBM eServer X300
    800 MHz Celeron CPU
    640 MB SDRAM ECC
    20 GB ST318305LW
    NICs: 2x Intel PRO/100

    Any tip what it can be that makes the router die?

  • Looks like a broken upgrade to me. The easiest way to fix it is probably fetching the config.xml, reinstalling and reuploading the config.

  • i have this problem as well, packetloss on all interfaces. The difference in this case is, that i didnt upgrade to 1.2, i have a clean installation.

    If this packetloss occurs, i cannot ping the pfsense box from the lan. It disapears by itself, if i reboot the box the packetloss is gone.

    I removed some installed packages like ntop, will see if this fixed the problem.

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