Access Control with iphone App. Possible ?

  • I am using Alix 2D13 with version 2.2 PfSense and running as dhcp server.

    I want to be able to block certain mobile, ipads etc easily using an Iphone App.
    (and not by login into pfsense etc.. its to much hassle, although I know how to do this using firewall rules)

    I know Linksys WRT1900AC has this app, and it works.

    I have tried connecting

    modem -> pfsense (Alix) with dhcp 192.x.x.x -> linksys wrt1900ac with dhcp 10.x.x.x. ->  and an AP for wireless connections..

    Problem is that this makes double NAT. :-/

    I have tried disable dhcp on linksys wrt1900ac, but then the APP does not work anymore.

    Any good suggestions - how I can easily open/close internet connections ?

  • you want to block an iphone using an app?

    you want to block an app on an iphone working?

    But you dont want to block the iphone itself ?