Client Automatic Configuration of IE

  • Hi All,

    Im looking to use pfsense to seperate our schools wireless VLAN and use captive portal to authenticate users. Problem is i am having trouble with IE proxy settings and at the moment if the proxy settings are set captive portal does not work. Is there a way around this?

    The proxy server is an ISA 2006 box.



  • Please search. This has been discussed somewhere and I think there even was an (unsupported) solution for this some time ago. Don't recall it atm but I have read something somewhere here at the forum ;)

  • Thanks for the reply, i have been looking ??? i just could not find anything ???

  • THat is kind of how i had it working although i am using dhcp relay to a win 2003 dhcp server and ISA 2006 as a proxy cache. The problem is that once the username and password are entered i cant get to any webpages. I have to close the browser and reopen it to get it to work. THe ISA server is on a different subnet would this be the problem?

  • Sounds like a browserproblem to me. Not sure, never had that kind of config yet.

  • looking at this another way then. Is it possiable to forward on web traffic from squid to the ISA without losing the source IP address? As we are a school i have to keep track of what children are accessing.


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